5 Key Points That Will Never Let You Feel Poor

Administrator/ February 4, 2016/ MOTIVATION/ 0 comments

Yes, there is no honey without money. We all need money to survive and achieve our goals. But where the money satiates our everyday needs, it also becomes the biggest cause of unwanted and unexpected problems and add a plethora of never-ending struggle. However, what most of us fail to understand is that the problems caused by the dearth of

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5 Benefits of Stock Charity You Need to Know

Administrator/ January 28, 2016/ BUILDING WEALTH/ 0 comments

Donation is one such part of our life that keeps us eternally happy, or I would spiritually say, it creates a feeling of completion within us. Almost every benevolent or generous person thinks of donating something to the needy. While some decide a particular day or time, some keep donating without worrying what others will say.   If you also

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Using Leverage to Acquire Wealth

Administrator/ January 21, 2016/ PERSONAL FINANCE/ 0 comments

Most people don’t utilize leverage to create wealth because they possibly may not know how. Most Americans and other people around the world work for wages and don’t mind holding down a regular hourly job, trying to make ends meet. After working a 9 to 5 job, these individuals will attempt to put money into savings, but do so via

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Different Ways that an Inheritance Could be At Risks

Administrator/ January 13, 2016/ PERSONAL FINANCE/ 0 comments

If you have assets that you want to pass on to your children, you could consider a written will, which is a service that is provided by a specialized attorney. Of course, you can create a simple will on your own suggesting that you will be leaving all you have in assets to a spouse or children once you are

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How to Deal with Unexpected Wealth

Administrator/ January 8, 2016/ BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE, PERSONAL FINANCE/ 0 comments

You probably wished that someone could send you loads of money, but would you know how to deal with such unexpected wealth? Not many people can handle sudden wealth, especially if they are not accustomed to it. There are anticipated pitfalls associated with sudden wealth that you need to be aware of and sometimes, it occurs because you have no

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Do You Need A Financial Adviser?

Administrator/ January 4, 2016/ PERSONAL FINANCE/ 1 comments

  We live in a world where prices of all products and services are rising at a high level. In situations like these, we strive towards organizing every last penny we earn with the purpose of keeping it well sustained. More often than not, we tend to fall out of line due to lack of proper guidance and a clear

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5 Laziest Ways That Will Help You Get Rich

Administrator/ December 29, 2015/ BUILDING WEALTH/ 0 comments

A lazy millionaire, sounds stupid, Huh! For eons, the tale of karma is famous. As you sow, so shall you reap? You have read many online articles about some bizarre ways to get rich without doing much. Well, I beg to differ. Whatever you do, you have to work if not physically then mentally. Even though you are all day

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Apps That Can Help Teach Your Kids About Personal Finance

Administrator/ December 18, 2015/ PERSONAL FINANCE/ 1 comments

You can’t fully prevent your kids from being glued to a multitude of devices and screens. Not unless you lock them in the house for the rest of their lives, but we’d definitely discourage that. So rather than trying (futilely) to keep your kids from technology like tiny Puritans, why not instill good and educational habits via tech?   If

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4 Tips for Reducing Monthly Expenses

Administrator/ December 14, 2015/ PERSONAL FINANCE/ 0 comments

It is human to err and no one is yet that perfect enough to avoid making budget mistakes. However, many people have no understanding of how to identify budget traps and so they will subsequently get caught in them. Due to the busy lives that most of us lead, there may be little time to keep track of these financial

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Wealthy Get An Advantage When It Comes to Organ Donation

Administrator/ November 19, 2015/ Health/ 0 comments

We have all probably heard the saying, “Money can’t buy everything”, and this saying is true in many ways. Unfortunately, when it comes to organ transplants in the United States, a new study has found that wealthy individuals are more likely to get the organs they need to survive. Of course those who have money cannot actually buy organs, but

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