How Do You Know You Are Ready to Start Your Own Business? 10 Reasons

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When it comes to major career moves, it can be tricky to navigate timing. And, the fact of the matter is, intuition and fear aren’t the best ways to gauge whether or not you’re ready to jump into something new like starting a business. Here are 10 ways to know you have the chops (both hard and soft skills) to […]

Joining a Country Club Can Boost Your Career

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When it comes to advancing your career, everyone has heard about the importance of networking, having a polished resume, and practicing proper techniques for an interview. However, few people consider joining a country club in order to boost their job prospects or their overall financial status. The fact of the matter is country clubs are filled with wealthy people and […]

How Much Money Do You Really Need to Save for Retirement

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So, do you have your $1 million dollars socked away, yet? That’s the “magic number” many financial experts quote as the amount of money needed for retirement. Others suggest $2 million or 10 times your salary. For a more individual approach, you can utilize any number of websites (Kiplinger and CNN Money to name two) that have calculating tools. These […]

What Can An 800 Credit Score Get You?

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It can seem as unattainable as Mount Everest, but other people have climbed to the top of the credit score mountain and achieved that 800 score. You can do it, too. It’s not easy to get an 800 on your credit score, but it’s possible. More importantly, it’s worth it. Here are just a few of the perks that an […]

5 Things Millennials Won’t Spend Their Money On

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Growing up and job-hunting in the midst of a recession – the Great Recession, for that matter – was anything but easy for the Millennial generation. Many Millennials graduated from college or grad school right in the thick of what turned out to be a market offering them little more than high unemployment rates, low-paying jobs, and completely unpaid internships. […]

Into the Future of Google’s Newest Technologies

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It’s hard to believe that wide use of the internet has only been around for about 20 years (how did the world operate without it?). Long gone are the days of dial-up and there has even been an evolution in social media in the short time the internet has been around. But one thing has been with us throughout: Google. […]

Six Extraordinarily Expensive Places To Live

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New York, San Francisco, Boston – all cities that have received a lot of attention for their high rent prices and highly competitive retail markets. But even with its stories of people paying near a thousand dollars for under a hundred square feet of apartment, New York is far from the only extraordinarily expensive town in the world. In fact, […]

Three Trendy New Jobs That are Making Over 250k Per Year

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Are you feeling burned out from punching a time clock while earning an almost-respectable salary? Then you might want to consider reinventing yourself with one of these trendy – and very lucrative – jobs. We scoured the Internet hoping to find some crazy-fun jobs that would provide an ambitious 250k per year. 1. A Professional Gamer Losing sleep over the […]

How We Reached A Million Before 40


How We Reached A Million Before 40 I always enjoy getting emails from my readers asking questions. Some of you asked about real estate investing, while others have asked about investing strategies. One reader questioned how we were able to grow our Net Worth significantly in 2013 despite not being much older than them. Was it from a large inheritance […]

Allow Others Keep Poor


Why Do You Allow Others To Keep You Poor My wife’s profession is highly skilled and unionized. In their unit due to having a union pay scale they all know what each other makes. They’re a close group and very open with their finances. The other week we were out with a few of them celebrating a birthday, one of […]