5 Laziest Ways That Will Help You Get Rich

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A lazy millionaire, sounds stupid, Huh! For eons, the tale of karma is famous. As you sow, so shall you reap? You have read many online articles about some bizarre ways to get rich without doing much. Well, I beg to differ. Whatever you do, you have to work if not physically then mentally. Even though you are all day filling online forms or taking surveys, you have to work for that. There is rarely any miraculous way to get rich without doing anything. Am I being a pessimist? Well, there are actually some tricks, which make you rich without doing many physical activities. That does not mean you do not need to use even your brain to get success.


Here are 5 laziest ways that will help you get rich by using just your highly active brain.


Betting wisely


One of the most ancient tricks to get instant richness is betting. Gambling, casinos, rummy, online and physical lottery system, Derby, betting on sports are all sorts of betting that can transform your debauched and grumpy luck into instant jaunty and Richie rich fortune. Although there is no guarantee of the success yet no one knows when your destiny decides to have a chirpy laugh and filled your account with green notes in prodigious numbers. The mantra is to use your brain and butter up your lady luck to bestow you with her vivacious leniency.


Invest in risky stocks


The stock market is not for losers. If you are brainy, have the ability to think and act hastily, ready to get educated about the financial market, and have an eagle eye to catch a faintest bustle in the market, you are going to be rich soon. However, here is the catch. Not all investment in the share market can make you instantaneously loaded. You have to identify those stocks that are highly volatile, but ranking high in the index and target only those stocks within time to buy and sell as an Intraday trader to instigate bulls and bears to give you the lap dance and the goddess of luck will join you in the celebration.


Create a way to get multiple clicks on your website


Often people think that you do not need to do anything once you have created a website with some attractive features and name. Of course, you do not need to become workhorse, but to attract the maximum clicks, you must apply your intellect. Remember, the brain is the master of the human body. If you use at least 2 % near the Einstein’s brain capacity, your website will be filled with clicks over clicks and you will earn the amount that you have never dared to imagine prior.


Get married to a billionaire


Well, sounds realistic, but not every time a billionaire heir waits for an unknown spouse to get clutched for the lifetime. However, if you are lucky enough and know how to exploit your charm at the right time, and at the right place, you may cut the wedding cake with a golden knife embedding precious jewels to enhance your bank balance.


Invest in properties and lease all


If you have some money to invest then do invest in properties and offer all for lease. It is the laziest and easiest way to multiply your money quickly and get a regular income as well as build robust assets to give a high profit at the time of reselling.


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